Respect for the environment and the emphasis towards sustainability are becoming more and more a part of our social conscience. Industry and our social life cannot be separated from our surroundings.

At Prefchem & Multichem, I share this way of thinking and we should all have the same desire to look after what surrounds us

Prefchem & Multichem encourages responsible management of chemicals and pledges to -

  • Operate in a manner that preserves the environment and protects the health and safety of the public
  • Obtain from the chemical suppliers for clients' the COA's: Material Safety Data Sheets, advice on safe handling, transportation and disposal of chemical products


Resource use

  • We adopt effective procedures to minimise waste production and to promote the recycling of unused product and packaging.
  • We expect our suppliers to work with us in meeting our environmental objectives. For our key suppliers of goods and services, environmental requirements are an integral part of new contracts and contract reviews.