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Experience   Knowledge   Innovation
Our Experience has been developed by working with and through our customers, research specialists, product experts and suppliers since the foundation of our company.   Talent is key to our success, our people have the industry expertise, knowledge and insight that will help deliver the results you need.   We are constantly developing new ways to add value to our customers. Our extensive supplier base also provides us with a constant feed of cutting edge, technologically advanced products.


About PrefChem   Our Partners
Prefchem & Multichem is a recently registered company and one of Zimbabwe's recognised importers of laboratory  chemicals, equipment, scientific apparatus, plasticware and lab consumables. Prefchem & Multichem acts as a vital link between the supplier and the customer ensuring that the latter receives the benefit of the latest technological advice and expertise.

Prefchem & Multichem deals with many specialist companies in the laboratory supply sector who adhere to the highest possible quality standards in the ISO series.
Prefchem & Multichem is proud to be partnered with MRS SCIENTIFIC based in the UK. The company is export driven and represents many quality companies all of whom manufacture to ISO accredited standards.

Partnering with MRS avoids dealing with too many suppliers and therefore keeps their pricing structure competitive.

  mrs Radchem
Prefchem & Multichem has partnered with RADCHEM CHEMICALS for many years and is regarded as a premier supplier of AR grade and general laboratory chemicals.
  mrs MultiChem. A new division of Prefchem. Your preferred chemical supplier.



It is my policy to have a hands on approach and I have a wealth of experience and support available to the company from many suppliers, all of whom are ISO certified.

I plan to be:

  • Your future business partner and your preferred supplier
  • Meeting all your laboratory and scientific requirements
  • Offering you comprehensive solutions at competitive prices
  • Fast, flexible and reliable

I have particular strength in my successful and long standing relationships with a network of suppliers and manufacturers around the world and have 25 years' exposure in the local market. The development of successful long term business relations is my priority, offering high quality products produced by internationally respected and well known manufacturers at fair prices. I possess extensive product knowledge and will offer customers objective advice and assistance.

I believe in a high standard of excellence and flexibility in the execution of routine business practices which forms the basis of a solid and successful business relationship and look forward to being of assistance to you and your company and you can be assured I will give you quality service.

Julia Brebner, Director